What We Do 


Buying or selling property in Barcelona involves a significant investment. You need to hear the best possible advice on the current state of the market.


The people in IDUAG has a thorough understanding of the local marketplace, especially in traditional properties. We have access to many properties that are off-market and an awareness of when these properties are about to be listed. Most importantly, we are keenly aware of the nuances that determine value in traditional homes in the city area. We are discerning as to construction quality, materials and craftsmanship that is in keeping with the epoch of the times. 

Old Limits; New Consciousness – IDUAG’s Point of Difference


Traditional buildings were built to human scale and form, rooted in a sense of place and ecologically sustainable. However, traditional buildings also reflected traditional societies, family and individual ways of life that were bounded by narrow expectations. 


A lot of traditional buildings are cozy and soul-nurturing, but not necessarily consciousness-stretching and spirit-freeing. IDUAG advocates the desirability for traditional homes to find their next wave of owners. Owners who wish to create their own contemporary narrative within the beauty and spirit of their new place. This is what IDUAG brings to the local market and differentiates us from other standard agencies. 

Barcelona: Spirit & Place


A beautiful city, Barcelona (or Barna as it is affectionately known) is rich in history and culture that is underpinned by a strong Catalan identity, infused with Spanish and international influences. It’s dynamic, has an agreeable climate, with a diversity of beautiful coastal and interior landscapes. It has world-class health, education, transport & cultural facilities. It is a global destination.


However, it is its architecture and city planning that makes Barcelona an elegant and distinctive city. Barcelona consists of 10 districts (similar to English boroughs), but many of the older districts contain neighborhoods (‘Barris’). Each barri retaining its distinctive mix of history, heritage, character, and modern appeal that combine to make Barcelona a special city. 


The beguiling fairy-tale structures of Antoni Gaudi and his ‘modernists’ contemporaries defined the city's visual identity and have inspired more than a century of imaginative and at times surreal architecture.  


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Renovate Property – “consciously achieving beauty in traditional homes”


We love what we do!


IDUAG has a strategic construction partnership with local craftsmen who are licensed, reputable and efficient – this is rare in Spain!  IDUAG advocates the desirability for traditional homes with its beauty and cultural heritage to be aligned with contemporary individual freedom and the end-users. 


This partnership has enabled a commitment to deliver excellence and creating beautiful homes for our clients. Attention to detail, superior workmanship, and an approachable down to earth, professional attitude is what we bring to each and every project. Whether an addition, extension, renovation, or restoration, we take great pride in our work and our client relationships. This is what IDUAG brings to the local market and differentiates us from other standard agencies. 


Sustainability is important to us and we aim to incorporate sustainability and smart technological features into your new asset. We have over 10 years’ experience in the local market of improving design that is practical, affordable and positively challenges the potential within the property’s existing footprint.